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Theatertouren / Spezialtouren
    Shoppen in Bonn vor 100 Jahren
    Spionage in Bonn
    Die Historische Stadtrevue
        ... als Stadtführung
        ... als Weihnachtsspecial im Theatersaal
    Mit dem Nachtwächter durch Bonn
        ... als Führung
        ... als Führung mit Nachtwächter-Schmaus
        ... als Englische Führung: "The Night Watchman"
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    Bonn for Beginners
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Tours in English

Group fees are applicable for groups of up to 20 individuals.

Bonn and the British, or: 'Keep calm and go to Bonn'

Bonn for Beginners

Breweries and beer culture in Bonn

Espionage in Bonn - Our special event

The Night watchman in Bonn

Tour d'Amour - Love stories from Bonn

Shopping in Bonn - 100 years ago

Meeting point
market place, in front of Hotel Stern
Group rate
175,-€ / 145,- €


Bonn and the British,
or: 'Keep calm and go to Bonn'

Why was Queen Victoria not amused when she visited Bonn in 1845? Why were 'German Beds' a hot topic for 19th century British travellers? And how could a banal incident at Bonn's train station evolve into a diplomatic crisis between Britain and Prussia?

We tell stories of British monarchs, tourists, and spies; of the British 'colony' at Bonn, and also of times of occupation.

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Meeting point
in front of Bonn Cathedral
Group rate


Breweries and beer culture in Bonn

Bonn's townscape was once embossed by numerous breweries owned not only by the city but also by private people and the church. As numerous as the breweries are the stories, traditions and arguments about the best beer in town. The electors' regulations caused the still existing fight about the very special beer from Cologne which reached a temporary conclusion in the "Kölsch-convention" from 1986.

Such are the reasons why we explore breweries and pubs in Bonn, as being a part of town culture, from the start up to today. Stories about Gambrinus, St. Arnulf and Laurentius are part of it as well as rules of brewing and the foundation of the "Bürgerliches Brauhaus Bonn", later well known as "Kurfürsten-brewery". And you will hear something about the landlady, who was burned as a witch; about famous landlords and -ladies and about the so-called "draft-beer-strike", initiated by Bonner pub-owners.

But time goes by. Therefore we will talk about what beer culture is today and what sorts of beer belong to the local "culture" nowadays. This will be done in selected local pubs - and of course with a glass of beer!

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Group rate
490,-€ / 380,- €
Meeting point:
Café Mueller-Langhardt, Am Markt


Espionage in Bonn
Our special event

Tread in the footsteps of famous real-life spies who haunted Bonn during the years of the cold war. Top-secret documents went missing and it is your task to recover them - a task that requires team spirit and discretion! Meet shady characters, empty dead drops and decipher encrypted messages in pursuit of the missing documents.

This tour was decorated with the Rhineland Award and was included in the "50 new things to do" list of WDR radio station in 2013.

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Meeting place
Rheingasse, on the corner of Brassertufer
approx. 2 hours
Group rate
205,-€ / 165,- €
can be booked for groups at any time

The Night watchman in Bonn

Fr. 13.01.2023 19:00
Fr. 10.03.2023 19:00
Fr. 12.05.2023 20:30
Fr. 09.06.2023 21:00
Fr. 13.10.2023 20:00

Fr. 10.11.2023 19:00
Fr. 08.12.2023 19:00
Fr. 12.01.2024 19:00
Fr. 08.03.2024 19:00

The Nightwatchman

Night watchman John

Travel with the night watchman through Bonn.

A walk through the darker, wilder sides of the city.

These were dangerous times and the tasks which faced the night watchman meant that it was certainly not an easy job. Apart from dealing with the normal rabble and riff-raff in and around the city, the electoral capital of Bonn was threatened in the 17th century by war, fire and pestilence with the bubonic plague.

A hardened man, tough and well experienced, who could deal with any situation which might crop up, was required in order to watch over the city at night and ensure the safety of its citizens.

He's certainly many's a tale to tell about his often challenging job: How the Dutch invading forces entrenched themselves on the Parson's cap in the Rhine before finally retreating, to be replaced by Spanish forces.

As the international battles in Europe seemingly lasted for perpetuity, Bonn, although luckily spared the brunt of the wars, was worried because its old medieval city walls were in urgent need of an upgrade, in order to cope and offer defence in such troubled times.

The night watchman's passion was not only guarding the walls and closing the city gates, the vineyards also had to be protected from thieves and sinners. In order that the black death did not spread further than necessary the Cologne fisher women had to be prevented from offering rotten or adulterated fish for sale. Or, worse still would be if the many crooks, witches and blasphemers were allowed to wreak havoc with their vile, nefarious villany in Bonn.

However, with the Wolf's tower and the Maar tower and the "Pranger", the pillory, the night watchman had sufficient weapons in his arsenal to adequately deal with any threats to law and order within the city.

41,- € per person (when booking for a group)
Minimum group size
15 people

✭ As an additional exceptional highlight:

✭ Night watchman's feast

For groups only

Including the night watchman's tour plus a three course meal, including one complementary beer per person.

Combine the interesting lantern-lit tour of Bonn by night with a subsequent ample and sumptuous three-course meal in a quaint historical Inn!

Tour and Dinner available as an inclusive full evening programme for groups.

This tour is available all year round and can be booked on demand.

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Group rate
175,-€ / 135,- €
Meeting point:
Old Town Hall, Marketplace


Tour d'Amour
Love stories from Bonn

Bonn was and is a place to lose one's heart to someone. We tell stories of love and lovesickness, of lust and ribaldry. From Beethoven to Luigi Pirandello, from Queen Victoria to Guillaume Apollinaire.

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Group rate
205,-€ / 165,- €
Meeting point:
Old Town Hall, Marketplace


Shopping in Bonn - 100 years ago
A theatre tour with Housemaid Berta

100 years ago, the world of shopping in Bonn changed dramatically. A shopping tour became an adventure as novel stores and commodities appeared. Learn about automated restaurants, shampoo powder and colonial stores; Weck jars and a new type of baking powder by a certain Dr. Oetker. Also, there's the story of the bathroom tissue named "Bonna", but we'll be discreet about that!

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